2013 Mini Grant Winners 

Lisa Friedrich, PhD

Sarah Wyckoff, PhD

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The ISNR RF and FERB welcome you to submit your research project for this up to $3,000 grant. Both Boards will jury applications that include biofeedback and neurofeedback and have clear methodology, rationale, and statistical approach to show how utilizing neurofeedback with peripheral modalitie(s) are comparative and/or provide combined effects. 
This grant was awarded to Matthew Goodman from Alliant University. Congratulations to him and his advisors Dick Gevirts and Jaime Pineda. 
"The Combined Effects of Neurofeedback and Biofeedback For Treating Autism Spectrum Disorder"

Look for the 2015 Submission Request in Early 2015. The $4,000 grant will be sponsored by New Mind Center.

This grant is awarded to the applicant whose project involves peak performance training and neurotherapy. Our jury includes RF Board members as well as outside reviewers. It will award the submission the best rationale and methodology for incorporating neurotherapy in peak performance training.

The grant awardee will be announced April 30, 2014.
What is the ISNR Research Foundation? 

With the emphasis on research and development of neurotherapy - through four years of direct sponsorship of research projects, through twelve volumes of the Journal of Neurotherapy and through seventeen annual scientific meetings, in 2008 ISNR embarked on a new phase of research emphasis.  READ MORE

Why More Research is Vital 

Neurotherapy practitioners and recipients alike know how potent this therapy can be for a wide variety of disorders. Many times patients/clients have been inadequately treated with other therapies and adding neurotherapy to their treatment regimes makes a huge clinical difference. Y READ MORE

Why We Need Help Now 

The Foundation's mission (above) refined through dialog, collaboration and insight has evolved over the past few years. READ MORE

What is ISNR? 

The International Society for Neurofeedback and Research was founded in 1992 "to promote excellence in clinical practice, educational applications, and research in applied neuroscience in order to better understand and enhance brain function." READ MORE

The ISNR Research Foundation's Bylaws

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Helping the Brain Help Us
                . . . . .Your Brain Can Do More Than You Think

The ISNR Research Foundation will accomplish 
the necessary research to demonstrate that neurofeedback
is effective for treatment for central nervous system disorders.

To accomplish this mission the Foundation: Identifies areas of interest for research in neuromodulation therapies with a current focus of AD/HD, Autism Spectrum, TBI and epilepsy. Establishes criteria for quality controlled studies to evaluate such therapies. Recruits qualified researchers to conduct the research Solicits, evaluates, awards and administers research grants Applies for public and private grants and donations Raises funds through direct and deferred donations Collaborates with other entities with similar objective

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